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Fees and Common Features

Fees and Common Features

Schedule of Fees and Charges applicable to ACH, ATM, Checking, Savings, other transactions and operational services. The Credit Union may amend the fees and make adjustments to services as necessary. Some fees and charges may change without notice. Fees associated with your account are a part of the Account Agreement.


Membership SharesFreeNo minimum balance required

Checking Accounts

Free CheckingFreeNo minimum balance, no monthly fee
Bill PayerFreeBill Pay service will be canceled if not used for six months.
Overdraft Items$28.00Per item
Returned Unpaid$28.00Per item
Uncollected Funds$28.00Per item
Stop Payment$26.00Per item - ACH, check, or series of checks
Stop Debit Payment$26.00Per item - Recurring transactions
Deposit Item Returned$20.00Per item
Overdraft Share Transfer$5.00Per item - ACH, ATM, Check & item presented as an image in which funds are transferred automatically from the Share Account. Limited to six (6) transfers per month under Federal Regulation D


Loan Extension$35.00
Share CheckFree
ACH Pay by Phone$20.00Per item
Check Cashing$10.00Per item - $100.00 minimum balance to avoid service charge or a relationship of a loan, checking or additional service with Share Account. Minors excluded
Incoming Wires$15.00Per item
Outgoing Wires$25.00Per item
Quick Cash Money TransferVariesDetermined by Western Union
Return Mail Service$5.00Per item
Account Research$25.00Per hour
ATM Withdrawl Fee$3.00Per withdrawl for non-HAPO cards used at HAPO ATM's
Coin Machine- Member5%service fee
Coin Machine – Non-member8%service fee
Signature Guarantee$25.00Per guarantee. Free when funds are coming to HAPO.
Phone Cash Advance Request on a non-HAPO Visa$20.00Per item
VISA Card Overnight Shipping Fee$25.00
Inactive Accounts$5.00Per month - accounts will be considered inactive with no activity after one (1) year and a balance of $50.00 or less or after two (2) years and a balance of $250 or less; minor accounts excluded
Replacement Checks$15.00HAPO Corporate Checks
Skip Payment Requests$35.00 Fee allows HAPO to continue to offer this program as a service to our members twice a year
Loan Repossession Processing fee$100.00
Legal Orders Processing fee$50.00Garnishments/Levies/Subpoenas/Court orders
Web Payment Fee$12.00Credit card and ACH via SWBC site

Safe Deposit Boxes

Box availability and size may vary within financial centers

10 x 10$80.00Per year
6 x 10$60.00Per year
5 x 10$45.00Per year
3 x 10$30.00Per year
5 x 5$25.00Per year
3 x 5$15.00Per year
Drilling of Box$200.00
Key Replacement$45.00
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