IMPORTANT ALERT: We’ve been made aware of text messages and phone calls being received this week regarding the temporary block of debit cards. Please do not respond to these messages. As a reminder, HAPO will never send text messages or call you asking for your personal information or your ATM PIN number. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PIN TO ANYONE! If you did provide any of your personal information such as card number or your PIN in response to one of these messages, please call us immediately. We can be reached at 509-943-5676 or 800-284-4276 during regular business hours.

AFTER HOURS SUPPORT: If you provided any personal information such as your card number or your PIN, please call 844-436-1752 to cancel your card immediately.

Melissa Watt

Commercial Administrative Assistant

Melissa has been with HAPO over 8 years and worked in various areas of HAPO including teller work and new accounts. She does a great job of bridging the gap between members and the Commercial Services team by handling calls, directing foot traffic, opening business deposit accounts and helping solve business deposit issues, along with other areas of problem solving for HAPO members.

Contact: | 509.222.3685

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Melissa Watt
601 Williams Blvd. Richland, WA 99354
Phone: 509-943-5676