Fraud Alerts and Trends

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5/18/2020 -- Unemployment Scams

May 18, 2020, 12:19 PM

States across the country are reporting cases of unemployment fraud. Claims are being opened using stolen information. If you believe you are a victim we recommend the following:

1.) Contact your organization’s Human Resources Department -  Make them aware of the incident.

2.) Contact your State’s Employment Security Department - Call or go online to report the fraudulent claim.

3.) File a police report - Call the non-emergency number; keep the case number they give you.

4.) Obtain a recent credit report and add a credit freeze or fraud alert (

5.) File a complaint with the FTC ( - Give them the case number from your police report.

6.) Contact the IRS and set up an account and/or add a lock to your SSN.

7.) Keep all of your notes -  You may need to refer to this information in the future if there is ever an inaccuracy on your credit.

If you are a victim, its important to follow the above steps to ensure you are recognized as a victim by local, State and Federal government. This will help protect you and your account in the future. The more incidents reported, the more information and insight law enforcement and other agencies will have in combating this type of fraud, so be sure to report your case.