Starting from Scratch: How to Build Credit

Mar 09, 2022

What do renting an apartment, getting a job offer, and car insurance rates all have in common? Your credit history could impact every one of these things (and more)! Credit is important for more than just getting a loan, although it impacts that too. If you know you need to build credit and aren’t sure how to do so without going into debt, this webinar will provide guidance and tools to start you down the path to building positive credit history. Whether you have never had any credit history or are looking to rebuild credit after an extended period without, this webinar will cover why it is important to build positive credit history and how to do so responsibly.

Who Should Attend?
• Anyone with no credit history
• Anyone with no credit activity for 5+ years
• Parents of teenagers who want to help their child start building good credit

What You Will Learn:
• Why credit is important
• Tools to start building positive credit history
• Healthy credit habits for using credit responsibly

Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2022
Time: 10AM PST
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