Security Alert

Feb 22, 2019, 15:28 PM

Fraudulent Phone Calls - 2/23/2019:

We have been getting reports from members and non-members about phone calls claiming to be from HAPO. The caller appears to have the last four digits of their debit card number and they state that they are investigating a suspicious transaction and advising the member to change their PIN over the phone.  The Caller ID appears to be from HAPO but is, in fact, being spoofed. 

Please know that we will never call and ask you for your PIN or ask for the new PIN you would like to assign to your card.  Should you receive a call like this, please do not provide any information and contact us as soon as possible.  We also recommend you check your account history via online banking for any suspicious activity and report it to us immediately.

Misinformation circulating regarding recent Debit Card Fraud:

  • HAPO ATMs were NOT compromised and no skimmers were discovered on our machines.
  • HAPO was not the only financial institution affected.
  • We immediately worked with any impacted HAPO members to reimburse fraudulent transactions.

A skimmer was discovered at two local gas stations, one in Richland and one in Pasco. Upon discovery of the situation, we took immediate action to ensure all HAPO accounts were secure and law enforcement was notified to assist in the investigation.

Our members’ account security is our top priority. In addition to HAPO ATMs being equipped with the latest chip technology, we offer tools for our members to assist in monitoring their accounts in real-time. For debit cards download our Card Valet app. For credit cards, please visit or sign up for 'Member Alerts' from your Credit Card within Online Banking.

If you notice suspicious activity on your account please contact us immediately at 509-943-5676 or 800-284-4276.

Please be aware of a postcard being mailed to community members regarding an urgent matter with a recently closed mortgage with. This postcard is NOT an official HAPO mailing or affiliated with HAPO in any way as noted in the lower right hand corner of the postcard.