Membership & Account Agreement (Part A & B)

The Membership & Account Agreement represents the contract for your account; it addresses the rights and responsibilities of HAPO as a financial institution and of you as our member. This agreement has been divided into two parts:

  • Part A describes the various types of account ownership and classification
  • Part B describes other important account information such as deposit requirements, account access, transaction limitations, etc.

Part A Part B

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Electronic Funds Transfers

The Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure outlines your rights and responsibilities, as well as the Credit Union's, concerning electronic funds transfer (EFT) services such as ATM/debit card transactions, preauthorized EFTs, electronic check conversions, audio response and internet teller, online bill payer, and the web payment center.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Funds Availability Policy

The Funds Availability Policy disclosure discusses your ability to withdraw deposits from your checking account and the Credit Union's rights to delay funds of certain deposits.

Funds Availability Policy

Arbitration Agreement

This agreement contains important information regarding your deposit accounts and related electronic financial services. It provides that either you or we can require that certain disputes be resolved by binding arbitration.

Arbitration Agreement

Overdraft Protection Disclosure

The Overdraft Protection Disclosure describes the Credit Union's overdraft protection options (Transfer Protection and Privilege Pay), as well as limitations and eligibility requirements for each.

Overdraft Protection

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy disclosure explains how the Credit Union handles personal information, what information is necessary to be shared, and with whom.

Privacy Policy

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