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Notary Service

  • We have notaries available at all HAPO financial center locations
  • Value added service is FREE

Signature Guarantee

  • We have signature guarantee service available at most HAPO locations. Call 509-943-5676 to confirm that the service is available at the branch of your choice.
  • Free when funds are coming to HAPO.

Savings Bonds


Savings bonds are a unique security as safe and secure as the U.S. Treasury. You never have to worry about the safety of your investment. You are paid the principal and interest due you when you cash your bond. Your bonds can be replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed.

Ease of Purchase

Buy and manage savings bonds electronically through Treasury Direct. Questions? Take a look at our FAQs, call us or stop by any of our 16 Financial Centers.

Need to open up a Treasury Direct account? Visit www.treasurydirect.gov.

Tax Advantages

The interest you earn on your series EE bonds is exempt from State and local income taxes. You can defer federal income tax until you redeem the bonds or they stop earning interest after 30 years. This means you can plan ahead and choose when might be the best time to realize income for tax purposes. And, since your interest isn't taxed until you redeem a bond, your savings grow faster because interest compounds on the full value of the bonds before taxes.

Financing Education

Savings bonds can help you save for your children's education. There are special tax benefits available to lower and middle income investors. If you qualify, you can exclude all or part of the interest earned on Series EE bonds from income then the bonds are redeemed to pay for post-secondary tuition and fees.


You may cash Series EE bonds after one year. You will lose 90 days of interest as a penalty if the bond is less than five years old.

Visit Treasury Direct for more information about the new rates and other savings bond benefits. They have software that not only keeps track of your bonds, but values your whole portfolio.


HAPO has teamed up with TurboTax to offer our members a discount on TurboTax Federal Products. Get Started today!

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