Electronic Services

Electronic Services

Make time for you!

Internet Teller - Real-Time Control Over Your Accounts

Manage your money safely from any Internet-enabled computer, any time. Transfer funds, view balances and transactions, view cleared checks, view electronic statements, pay your bills, make loan payments and so much more. Manage your money better than ever before!

To sign up for Internet Teller: Call our Contact Center at 509-943-5676 or 800-284-4276. We're ready to take your calls from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday and Saturdays 9am to 4pm. Or, stop by any of our Financial Centers and we'll be ready to help you.

Bill-Pay - Make Life Easier

With Bill Pay you can set up a payment schedule for each bill, either recurring or one-time, and our secure system will see that it is paid with money from your HAPO checking account. You don't have to write a single check, lick a single envelope or buy another stamp. To get started, log in to your account and click on the 'Pay Bills' button.

You will be taken to an application form to verify the information that will be used when paying your bills. After submitting your request, your bill pay account typically takes two or three days to become active. Free Bill Pay is a benefit for active Bill Pay users.*

To learn more about bill pay, try the interactive demo.

24-Hour Hotline - Better, Safer and Quicker

HAPO's Hotline, our 24-hour Telephone Teller, keeps you as close as the nearest phone to all of your accounts.

Within the Tri-Cities call (509) 946-3151, or out-of-area call 1-888-221-4276.

Call us, anytime, from anywhere and you can:

  • Obtain General Account Information (Checking, Savings, Money Market, C.D., IRA & Loans)
  • Make Account Transfers & Withdrawals
  • Obtain Dividend, Interest and Other Account Service Information
  • Find Out if a Check Has Cleared Your Account
  • And Much More

When using the 24-hour hotline, be sure to have your HAPO account number and Personal Identification Code available for easier access. See how easy it is to reach out and talk to your money right now!

Direct Deposit - Better, Safer and Quicker

No need to waste time fighting traffic and standing in line on payday to deposit your pay check, Social Security or pension check. Have your check automatically deposited right into your HAPO account. Whether its checking, savings, the entire pay check or just part of it, Direct Deposit with us is guaranteed to save you time. Download the Direct Deposit Form; take the completed form to your employer and start having your paychecks deposited into your HAPO account.

Visa Debit Card - The Way to Pay

Instead of writing a check or carrying cash use your HAPO Visa Debit Card. It's accepted anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide. Enter your Pin (Personal Identification Number), or ask the merchant to process your transaction as a credit using your signature for authorization. Either way, the amount is deducted from your HAPO checking account, and appears on your monthly statement. The Visa Debit Card also functions as an ATM Card, allowing you to get cash from any ATM displaying the Visa logo.

Learn more about Visa Debit cards

Mobile Banking - Safe, Easy and Convenient

Mobile Banking enables you to connect to your eligible HAPO accounts via the Internet from your mobile device. You can check account balances, review your recent account activity, transfer funds, and more. It is a connection to HAPO's internet banking that has been optimized for use on the smaller cell phone screens.

Click here for more information       

E-Statement - Experience the Ultimate in Convenience

  • Faster access to your statement since mail time is eliminated.
  • Free yourself from finding storage to file your statements.
  • Receive identical information in your e-statement as in a paper statement.
  • Reduce the risk of financial information being exposed when paper statements are mailed or discarded.
  • Eco-friendly, choose when and if you want or print your statement or conveniently store them on your computer.

Enroll Now! It's FREE for all members using on-line banking. To enroll in HAPO e-statements, simply login to your Internet Teller account and look for the "e-statements" button.

For Visa e-statements, log in to your account in HAPO's eTeller and click on your VISA card number from your eTeller display. Add and verify your email. To enroll, select the "Go Paperless" option from the Quick Links menu. Then follow the prompts on the screen to set up your VISA eStatement enrolment.

More information on e-statements

*Bill Payer service will be canceled if not used for six months.