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April is Financial Literacy Month! Week 1 – Set Financial Goals

Apr 13, 2018, 12:05 PM by User Not Found

When we begin to think about setting financial goals it’s natural to feel a little lost or overwhelmed. But here are three compelling reasons why everyone should! 

1. Goals Give You Purpose 

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” (Zig Ziglar) If you don’t have financial goals, there is little reason for sticking with a budget, giving up that lunch out or not buying those shoes. Goals, on the other hand, give meaning to your efforts. 

Think not just about what you want to do, but why you want to do it. Attaching reasons to your goals can put them in perspective and fuel motivation. 

2. Goals Give You Accountability 

Write down your financial goals, keep them in a visible place and review them throughout the year to track your progress. The exercise of discussing and writing down our goals forces us to be accountable – to each other and the goal sheet. It’s much harder to go blow a sizable amount of money on a needless purchase when you know you’ll have to face that goal sheet hanging on your refrigerator. 

3. Goals Give You Momentum 

Tracking the progress of your yearly goals on a monthly basis can be a huge motivation for staying on track. Even if it feels like you’ve had a month with lots of financial setbacks and you are spinning your wheels, the goal sheet serves as encouragement that you are making progress and doing something. So even if it is a slower pace than you’d hoped for you can stay inspired to keep at it!

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