Loan Protection Benefits

Note: Insurance is an optional choice for your convenience.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Payment Protection

Safeguard your family members with Member's Accident Insurance Protection $1,000 coverage at no cost to you. In addition to the $1,000 prepaid coverage, eligible members (ages 18 through 69) may choose to purchase insurance from $10,000 to $250,000 in accident protection.

If you have any questions, or wish to enroll for coverage, call Cuna Mutual Credit Union Member Services toll free at 877-636-2377.

Debt Protection 

We have you covered!

  • Pays off or reduces your loan balance in the event of death*
  • Pays your loan payment for up to 6 months if you are disabled (begins 30-days after disability)*
  • Defers your loan payment up to 3 months if you become unemployed*
  • Defers your loan payment up to 3 months for Family Medical Leave*
  • Easily added to your current loan
  • Instant coverage 90-days after signing your loan
  • Joint protection available. You choose the coverage that is right for you!
  • Must meet all Debt Protection Plan Agreement terms to qualify

Mechanical Breakdown Protection 

Protect your car and your wallet with HAPO's Mechanical Breakdown Protection. Coverage is for new and used vehicles.

Mechanical Breakdown (MBP) features include:

  • 3 levels of protection to choose from; Platinum, Silver or Copper.
  • Zero deductible
  • Rental vehicle assistance.
  • Nationwide service - go to any licensed mechanic.
  • Trip Interruption.
  • Tire protection.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • 24-hour lockout / lost key / key fob $35
  • Total loss refund – if your vehicle is deemed a total loss 
  • Consequential loss – provides coverage for the repair or replacement of non-covered parts damaged by a covered part failure.
  • Transferable coverage.
  • Special electronics coverage on Platinum and Silver coverage only.  Includes coverage for factory-installed special electronics
  • MBP is an optional choice for HAPO members.
  • MBP can be purchased with cash or added to your existing loan balance.

Call today for a quote: 1-800-284-4276

Gap Payment Protection 

Add GAP Protection to your loan and protect against unexpected expenses when there is a gap between an insurance settlement and your loan balance.

Benefits include:

  • Pays your loan deficiency balance up to 125% of NADA book value*
  • Receive $1000 toward another vehicle if financed at HAPO*
  • Covers insurance deductible if there is a "GAP" after the primary insurance settlement is paid. It is covered as part of the deficiency balance and is not paid directly to the borrower.
  • Eligible Collateral includes the following: Auto - Boat - ATV - Motor Home - Travel Trailer - Snow Mobile - and more*

*Restrictions may apply. Contact HAPO for complete details for your situation.

You'll receive all these benefits if your asset is stolen, accidentally damaged beyond repair or otherwise declared a "total loss". During one of these life-impacting events, don't be caught off guard with substantial losses. Let us help.

If you already have a loan with us and would like to add this valuable coverage to your loan, please email us. Otherwise, be sure to request GAP Protection when applying for your loan. Restrictions do apply. Stop in and ask us for complete details.