Tim Brigman

Mortgage Loan Officer

Hermiston | Tri-Cities | Vancouver | Walla Walla | Yakima

Whether it's acquiring a new home or piece of land, reducing your monthly payments, shortening your loan term, or getting funds to improve your existing home can be made simple!

For the past two decades, Tim has been helping borrowers achieve their dream of home ownership.  With thousands of success stories, Tim has seen most every borrowing situation, which now enables him to provide expert knowledge and customer service for families as they navigate the mortgage lending process.

Tim believes communication is the key element in his success.  Meeting borrowers where it's convenient for them, and staying in contact throughout the process helps breakdown the anxiety borrowers feel when getting a home loan.  By listening to each members' needs and understanding their story, Tim works to build a custom product that allows his members to realize their home ownership dreams.

Tim loves what he does because he gets to help so many people, with so many different stories and backgrounds realize their dream of home ownership.

Tim is committed to you!

Contact: Tim.Brigman@hapo.org | 509-946-2044