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AFTER HOURS SUPPORT: If you provided any personal information such as your card number or your PIN, please call 844-436-1752 to cancel your card immediately.

Checking Account Rates

Rate Information

The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield on your accounts are set forth above. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield may change monthly as determined by the Credit Union. Dividends are only paid if the average daily balance of the checking account is $2,500 or greater.

Nature of Dividends

Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield set forth in this schedule are the prospective rates that the Credit Union anticipates paying for the applicable dividend period.

Compounding and Crediting

Dividends will be compounded and credited quarterly on Checking accounts.

Accrual of Dividends/Interest

Dividends will begin to accrue on non-cash deposits (e.g. checks) on the business day you make the deposit to your account. If the account is closed before accrued dividends are credited then accrued dividends will not be paid. For all accounts, dividends are calculated by the average daily balance method. For dividend bearing accounts, the Dividend Period begins on the first calendar day of the dividend period and ends on the last calendar day of the dividend period. Dividends are calculated by applying a periodic rate to the average daily balance in the account for the Dividend Period. The average daily balance is calculated by adding the full amount of principal in the account for each day of the period and dividing that figure by the number of days in the period.

Balance Information

There is no minimum balance requirement for the Free Checking Account. Dividends are earned if the average daily balance is $2,500 or greater.

Free Bill Payer is a benefit for active Bill Payer users

After one-hundred and eighty (180) days of no Bill Payer activity your Bill Payer account will be deactivated.

Check Clearing

Checks will be cleared from the lowest transaction amount to the highest transaction amount; allowing for the maximum number of checks to clear in the event of insufficient funds.

For questions regarding account terms and conditions, please contact us.

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