Visa Rates

Visa Platinum Low Rate
TypeDescriptionAPR*Maximum TermConditions
Credit CardLow Rate8.25%
(Currently as low as)
Credit CardCash Back11.25%
(Currently as low as)
Credit CardRewards 10.50%
(Currently as low as)
Home Equity Line of CreditEquity Visa4.75%
Call HAPO**
Shared Secured 18.00% Revolving 
Youth Credit CardYouth Credit Card12.9%RevolvingLearn More

Rates subject to change without notice.

* This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate as reported in the Wall Street Journal, as well as credit score. VISA Platinum Low Rate APR range of Prime + 5.00% to Prime + 14.75% depending on credit score. VISA Platinum Cash Back APR range of Prime of 5.50% to Prime + 14.75% depending on credit score. 

**VISA HELOC APR Prime +1.50%. The maximum annual percentage rate for a Home Equity VISA is 12.00%. Fees imposed when opening a Home Equity VISA range from approximately $1000-$1500.