Web Payment Center

Use the Payment Center to quickly and securely make your HAPO Community Credit Union loan payment using funds from another financial institution.  One time payments using your savings/checking account or debit card cost $12 OR you may set up recurring payments using your savings/checking account for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my free payment options?

The free loan payment options offered are transfers from your HAPO account, automatic transfers from another financial institution or direct deposit distribution. Please contact us to learn more about these free payment options at 509-943-5676. We look forward to assisting you!

What is the cost for making a payment using HAPO’s Web Payment Center?

The cost to process a one-time payment to a loan on the Web Payment center is $12.  There is no cost to make a payment to your credit card or to set up a recurring payment to your loan/credit card using your other financial institution savings/checking.

What is the cost for making a payment from an account at another financial institution by speaking to a HAPO Member Connection Specialist by phone or chat?

The cost for making a payment with a representative by phone or chat is $20 per transaction processed.

Am I required to establish a login for the Web Payment Center?

It is not a requirement of Web Payment Center to establish a login but you may want to for convenience of future payments. You may make a one-time payment as a guest by using “Express Pay” but no information will be stored.

How do I establish a login for the Web Payment Center?

To register for the web payment center, your username will be the email address you wish to receive notifications at. Follow the prompts on the next page to receive email validation and setup a password of your choice that meets the minimum requirements.

What information do I need in order to process a payment using Web Payment Center?

To pay from an account at another financial institution, provide the debiting account number and bank routing number. To pay using a debit card, provide the full 16 digit card number and expiration date.

What forms of payment are accepted via the Web Payment Center?

We are able to accept one-time or recurring electronic withdrawals from your savings or checking account. We accept debit cards as one-time payment options. We are unable to process payments from American Express and, per Visa operating rules, VISA credit cards cannot be accepted as a payment method.

If I am not the primary borrower on the loan or credit card, am I still able to make a payment using the web payment center?

We apologize for any inconvenience; at this time only primary borrowers are able to register and pay through the Web Payment Center.

Co-borrowers may contact HAPO to discuss payment options at 509-946-5676.

May I pay my commercial loan using the Web Payment Center?

Commercial loans and commercial credit card payments cannot be made using the Web Payment Center. Please contact us to discuss payment options at 509-943-5676.

When will payments post to my HAPO loan/VISA?

Payments may take up to 48 business hours to credit your loan after the date submitted. Any payment submitted after 6:00 pm PST is processed the following business day.

May I pay my HAPO mortgage loan using the Web Payment Center?

You may pay your HAPO mortgage using the Web Payment Center, however; you must pay the full monthly amount due. No partial payments or principal payments are accepted using this site.

Am I able to pay off my loan through the Web Payment Center or by calling a Member Connection Specialist?

We are not able to accept loan payoffs via the Web Payment Center or at our call center. You may mail in your payoff or visit any HAPO location. Fees may apply depending on loan type; ensure you contact us to obtain an accurate payoff quote at 509-943-5676.

How will I know my payment was successful?

Once you have submitted your payment on the Web Payment Center, you will receive a confirmation letter or by email.

Am I able to set up recurring payments using the Web Payment Center?

You may set up recurring payments on the Web Payment Center using your account number and routing number ONLY, $12 fee per transaction applies. Debit/credit card recurring payments are not an option at this time. We have free recurring payment options; contact us at 509-943-5676 to learn more.

Is there a maximum payment amount?

The total amount processed may not exceed $2500 including the $12 processing fee.

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