New Online Banking

Consumer Online Banking Upgrade

We’re excited to announce that HAPO is migrating to a new online banking platform that will launch on November 15, 2017. We’ll introduce a new look and feel for our new online banking platform, as well as provide you with new products, services and features to enhance your online banking experience! Check out some of the new features we’ll be introducing as part of HAPO’s new online banking platform.

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve updated the overall look and feel of HAPO’s online banking platform. This new, modern look incorporates design elements that can improve your experience as you navigate your online banking, making it quick and easy to take care of your online banking!

With the upgraded online banking changes, the HAPO Mobile App will also have a new look and feel. Once the new system is in place, current mobile banking users will need to download a new HAPO Mobile App from the App Store or Play Store. The new enhancements that we will introduce within online banking, will also be available from the new HAPO mobile app, creating a seamless experience across each platform.

Say good-bye to security questions, phrases or images! The new online banking offers enhanced security features to keep you and your account safe. In the new system, one-time verification codes will be texted or emailed to you when logging in from an un-registered device or computer. You’ll be required to enter the verification code each time you are accessing an un-registered device or computer in order to login, allowing for better security and control of your account from all devices.

Need to transfer funds from your HAPO account to another bank? No problem! With External Funds Transfers, you’ll now be able to transfer funds between financial institutions without visiting a branch or writing a check! This new feature allows you to make quick decisions just in time for a major purchase, and allow you to maximize the interest earned by sending money between your various accounts. Transfers can be one-time or recurring – the choice is yours.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to send money to a friend or family member’s account without having to pull out cash or write a check? Now you can with POP Money! POP Money is a personal payment service included within our upgraded online banking. POP Money allows a person-to-person transfer of funds, eliminating the hassle of writing checks or going to the ATM to pullout cash. It can all be done from your phone, making it a perfect feature to use when you’re on the go and owe someone cash!

Take control of your account with enhanced account alerts and notifications! With new enhanced online alerts and notifications personalized to you, receive notifications when you want them by text or email. Whether you want to be alerted for a withdrawal over $200, or simply want to see a recurring balance update every Friday, you’re in control of when you want to receive account notifications!

With our new online banking, you will gain additional transfer options for moving money between your HAPO accounts. Transfers can be one-time, re-occurring, immediate or future dated. Move your money when you want. It’s up to you!

View all of the current promotions right from your online banking! In November, we’ll introduce a “Promotions” area, comprised of all of our current promotions, making it easy for you to take advantage of HAPO specials from online banking!

Check back often, as we will frequently provide new tutorials, information and best practices on how to use your new online banking!

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Commercial Online Banking Upgrade

Along with an upgrade to our consumer online banking, commercial online banking will also be getting an upgrade! In addition to an overall new look and feel, new features and enhancements will also be introduced as part of the upgrade in November. We’ll be providing our commercial banking members more details in the coming months so stay tuned for all of the exciting enhancements!