CU Rewards

CU Rewards

CU Rewards is a credit card rewards program designed exclusively for our HAPO Platinum with CU Rewards and Signature Visa cardholders.

Through this exclusive program, we are rewarding valued members of HAPO with premium merchandise and exciting travel opportunities-just one more great benefit of being a HAPO member.

Earning Points has never been easier!

Every time you use your Platinum with CU Rewards Visa to purchase goods and services, you earn one point for every net dollar purchase that you make.

Each month on your Platinum statement, you will see the section that details your point activity. Your points can add up quickly and can be used for a wide variety of travel and merchandise awards.

Use Your Points For Travel

You can use your points for travel awards and go almost anywhere in the world. You can travel via rental car, air and even on a cruise ship. CURewards can also help you find a place to stay once you get to your destination.

Select From Exciting Merchandise Options

There are thousands of merchandise awards across numerous separate point thresholds. From appliances to patio sets, tools, and fine jewelry, your options are endless! Just order the item and it will soon be in your home for your enjoyment.

Check your point accrual or browse the catalog today!

  • Log into your eTeller account
  • Click on your Platinum with CU Rewards card number to enter the Visa eTeller pages
  • Click on the CU Rewards button to enter the CU Rewards catalog
  • If you don’t have a Platinum with CU Rewards account yet, but you'd like to view the catalog demo, visit www.curewards.com and select the option to browse the website.

View Platinum with CURewards terms (valid for Platinum with CU Rewards accounts opened 2.1.12 and later)