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Rebuilding Your Credit

HAPO is here to help.

Start By Getting New Credit

We know bad credit will often leave you without any credit cards, but the first step is getting one. Many people swear off credit cards after bad credit, but that's not the way to go. Using a credit card responsibly will help you re-establish a positive payment history.

Make HAPO your first stop to rebuilding your credit score responsibly. At HAPO, we recognize this may be a challenge. Fortunately, you still have some options.

  • Your local credit union
  • Department store or gas card
  • Secured credit card

Watch out for subprime credit cards that prey on people with bad credit. These credit cards often have high interest rates and extremely high fees that make credit unaffordable. A lot of people find themselves right back in debt with damaged credit after trying to rebuild with one of these types of credit cards targeting people with bad credit.

Avoid prepaid credit cards as they won’t get you anywhere. They don’t report to credit bureaus so using one won’t help you rebuild credit.

With Your HAPO VISA, Build New Credit Habits

To build new credit, you must replace your damaging spending habits with new, better ones. Otherwise, you’ll end up back where you’ve worked so hard to get away from. Gone are the days of charging things you can’t afford, making minimum-only payments, and skipping credit card payments. Improving your credit score means staying well below your credit limit and paying your credit card bills on time, preferably in full. Here are a few good tips to begin building a better credit history:

  • Only borrow what you can afford
  • Use only a small amount of the credit you have available
  • Start with only one credit card
  • Pay your credit card balance in full
  • Make all your payments on time
  • If you carry a balance, pay more than the minimum each month to pay off your balance as quickly as possible
  • Let your accounts age. Leave old accounts open to help increase credit age and build good credit

Pay Everything On Time

Avoiding delinquencies on your accounts by paying everything on time is the best way to re-establish a creditworthy profile. If one of your accounts lands in the hands of a debt collector, this will create a negative report and work against the progress you've made so far.

As a HAPO member, we will work with you to get a credit card that is best suited for your needs and help you understand how responsible spending and payments will get you back on track.

It Takes Time

Your bad credit won’t improve until you show your creditors that you have what it takes to build a good score. That means charging only what you can afford and paying your bill on time each month. At HAPO we're committed to you. Twelve months of a good payment history can result in rewards from us. Whether you're looking to increase your credit limit, or upgrade to a Platinum HAPO VISA, we are committed to help you achieve financial success.

Click here to Learn more about HAPO’s ideal card for those trying to rebuild their credit.

Stop by any HAPO location, or call HAPO directly at 509-943-5676 to learn how to get qualified for a HAPO Visa.

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