Intra-Institution Transfers

We’re excited to introduce, Intra-Institution Transfers (member-to-member)! This new feature will allow you to transfer funds to other HAPO members within online and mobile banking. View the instructions and make a transfer! Please Note: recipients must have an active OLB login/username to receive a transfer. View the instructions below. 

*Feature is only available for consumer online banking accounts. Feature is currently NOT available for business/commercial online banking accounts.

How to add a recipient

  • Users can add recipients via
    1. Move Money > Make a Transfer upper right
    2. Move Money > To Account drop down
  • Notes
    1. The user only needs to add each individual recipient once.  If a user tries to add a recipient that was previously added, the Add Recipient flow will fail to prevent duplicates.
    2. There is no limit on the number of recipients the user can add.
    3. Account Type Definitions: Regular Share = Savings, Share Draft = Checking
    4. Eligible Shares: Savings, Checking, Savings Sub-Shares
    5. You can add a recipient twice if you want the option to transfer to both their savings and their checking account. To differentiate between the recipient's accounts, you would utilize the account nickname to differentiate between the accounts. (ex. Jane Doe – setup with Regular Share account type & Jane Doe - setup with Share Draft account type)


How the member can find his/her recipient information

  • To find the “Member ID”, go to My Settings in OLB.  The Member ID is located under Personal Information.

  • To find the “Account Suffix”, go to Account History > Account Details. The number shown gives the account number and suffix in the format needed to add a recipient. The account number is case sensitive. Please ensure the "S" is capitalized when adding the recipient. 



How to send a transfer after the recipient has been added

After adding the recipient, the member sets up the transfer by choosing the recipient in the TO drop down.


How to delete a recipient

  • Users can see their current list of recipients by accessing the Manage Transfer Destinations page in Online Banking. Recipient nickname, account type, and masked account number and/or suffix display on screen. Users can choose to delete recipients from their list at any time by using the Remove link.