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800-284-4276 (Toll Free)

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24-Hour Hotline

888-221-4276 (Toll Free)

24-Hour Visa® Credit Card Customer Service


Lost or Stolen Hotlines

Credit Cards:


Debit Cards M-F

509-943-5676 (9am-6pm - Contact Center) 
800-284-4276 (9am-6pm - Toll Free)

Report Debit Cards After 6pm PST

844-436-1752 (Toll Free)

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Report Fraud

HAPO's Fraud Department

M-F 9am-6pm

Ask to speak with the Fraud Department to report Fraud on your account.

Report Debit Cards After 6pm

844-436-1752 (Toll Free)

Routing Number: 325181264

When asked for the HAPO Routing number, please refer to the first number on the bottom of your personal checks.

Below is a list of our observed holidays in which all branches and drive-thru will be closed.

Date ClosedHoliday
Dec. 31, 2019 Closing Early at 1:00 PMNew Year's Eve
Jan. 1, 2020New Year's Day
Jan. 20, 2020Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Feb. 17, 2020Presidents' Day
May 25, 2020Memorial Day
July 4, 2020Independence Day
Sept. 7, 2020Labor Day
Oct. 12, 2020Columbus Day
Nov. 11, 2020Veterans Day
Nov. 26, 2020Thanksgiving Day
Dec. 25, 2020Christmas Day