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We value all of our members and are here to help. You may submit requests using Secure Messaging through your HAPO Online Banking or by fax at 509-946-8787. If you have any questions or need assistance please get in touch with us by phone, chat, our feedback form or at any of our convenient branch locations.

Corporate Office/Contact Center


800-284-4276 (Toll Free)

Mortgage Division


Collections Division


Commercial Services Division


Lost or Stolen Hotlines

Credit Cards:


Debit Cards M-F

509-943-5676 (9am-6pm - Contact Center) 
800-284-4276 (9am-6pm - Toll Free)

Report Debit Cards After 6pm PST

844-436-1752 (Toll Free)

24-Hour Hotline

888-221-4276 (Toll Free)

24-Hour Visa® Credit Card Customer Service


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Routing Number: 325181264

When asked for the HAPO Routing number, please refer to the first number on the bottom of your personal checks.

Report Fraud

HAPO's Fraud Department

M-F 9am-6pm

Ask to speak with the Fraud Department to report Fraud on your account.

Report Debit Cards After 6pm

844-436-1752 (Toll Free)

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