24-Hour Hotline

Call us anytime, from anywhere

HAPO's Hotline is a 24-hour Telephone Teller that keeps you as close to your account as the nearest phone.

With the Hotline you can:

  • Obtain General Account Information (Checking, Savings, Money Market, C.D., IRA & Loans)
  • Make Account Transfers & Withdrawals
  • Service available in Spanish
  • Balance and history requests available by text
  • Obtain Dividend, Interest and Other Account Service Information
  • Find Out if a Check Has Cleared Your Account
  • Credit Card information available
  • And Much More

When using the 24-hour hotline, be sure to have your HAPO account number and username available for easier access. See how easy it is to reach out and talk to your money right now!

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Hotline Numbers

Tri-Cities call (509) 946-3151, or out-of-area call 1-866-567-8581.