Intra-Institution Transfers

Intra-Institution Transfers allow members to transfer funds to other HAPO members within online and mobile banking. It's as simply as transferring money between accounts. First, you have to add the recipient you'd like to transfer money too.

Feature is only available for consumer online banking accounts. Feature is currently NOT available for business/commercial online banking accounts.

Please note: recipients must have an active OLB login/username to receive a transfer. View the instructions below. 

Setting up Transfers

Making an intra-institution transfer is easy.

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Rollover the "Move Money" item in the main navigation
  3. Select "Send Money to Member" from the drop down menu
  4. Add a recipient using the steps below
Menu options
Add recipient screenshot

Adding a Recipient

Adding a recipient has a few simple steps. You will need to find the recipient's Account Suffix and Member ID if you don't have it already. Finding the Account Suffix and Member ID is lined out in greater detail in the sections that follow. Please review those if you need help.

  1. Click the blue "Add a recipient" link on the Move Money page
    Add recipient button screenshot
  2. Enter the first three characters (all three letters must be capitalized) of the person’s last name you wish to transfer money to 
  3. Choose an account type (Regular Share = Savings, Share Draft = Checking)
  4. Eligible Shares: Savings, Checking, Savings Sub-Shares
  5. Enter the recipient's Account Suffix (see steps below)
  6. Enter the recipient's Member ID (see steps below)
  7. Add a Nickname for the account (default is member's name)

Locating the Account Suffix

To find the recipients Suffix, first have them login to online banking and locate the account you wish to transfer money to.

  1. Click the account name in Online Banking
  2. Click the Account Details toggle under the Account History page
  3. Locate the full account number labeled as Number
  4. Enter the entire account number including the 2 alphanumeric characters before the dash, as shown here, ensuring the S is capitalized
Account details screenshot
Account details screenshot

Locating the Member ID

The Member ID is located in the Settings tab of Online Banking

  1. Locate the Menu bar in the upper right of Online Banking
  2. Click the My Settings button
  3. Locate the Member ID under the member's name in the Personal Information section

Making a Transfer

All that's left is to setup your transfer the same way you would when transferring money between your own accounts.

  1. Click the Transfer button above your accounts on the homepage of Online Banking
    Transfer icon screenshot
  2. Select which one of your accounts you want to transfer money from
  3. In the "To" field, select the recipient you setup (this will show up as the nickname you entered for that recipient)
  4. Enter an amount you wish to transfer
  5. Add an optional memo to help identify what the transfer was for (i.e., gas money)
  6. Press the "Make Transfer" button

That's it! Your transfer is complete.

Account details screenshot