HAPO Debit App

Set alerts and manage your HAPO Visa debit card all from one place with the "HAPO Debit" app! This app will be your all-in-one debit card management app where you will be able to set up alerts, see transactions and more! Here is a look at the top features:

  • Lock and unlock your debit cards
  • Setup alerts and notifications
  • Set spending limits, restrict locations, and more with card controls
  • Set travel notifications

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Take control of your card

  • Lock your card – turn your card off/on without calling the credit union
  • Set alerts on your HAPO Debit and get notifications when your card is used
  • Set controls on your HAPO Debit, block international transactions, set spending limits, and more!
  • Set your own travel notifications – don’t have your card denied for out of town purchases, set it and forget it.
screen shots of Visa App debit card management