HAPO Visa® Youth Credit Card

Help your teen begin to build solid credit history and learn the importance of financial responsibility.

With a smaller credit limit, your teen will learn the fundamentals of having and using a credit card. With credit line limits of $300-$1,000 and a fixed rate of 12.9%, the HAPO Visa Youth card will provide your teen the opportunity to build solid credit history.

The functionality of the HAPO Visa Youth card will work just like a typical credit card; all activity will be reported to credit bureaus, which may help build your credit score and enable you to obtain better rates in the future, however you will incur late fees if the account isn’t paid on time.

Card Requirements

Please review and be prepared to provide the following requirements prior to obtaining a HAPO Visa Youth card:

  • Must be 16 years of age.
  • Must have verifiable employment.
  • Must have a parent/guardian qualify to co-sign.
  • Must sign up for a Live Now account, complete these two courses, and show completion of courses.

We want to help your youth become a money pro! 

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Be You Youth Credit Card

Important to Note! Cards do not automatically convert to an adult Visa credit card at age 18. If the parent/guardian wishes to be removed from the card once their youth has turned 18, the youth will need to apply to qualify for their own credit card. Credit card payments and limits will report to the credit bureaus for both individuals (youth and guardian).


Live Now Courses

In order to meet the qualifications for the HAPO Visa Youth Credit Card, you will need to take the following two courses listed below and present completion of the courses to the Financial Service Representative. 

You may either print a record of your completion of the courses or login to your account from your mobile device at account opening and show the Financial Service Representative the record of completion.

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