HAPO Visa® App

Set alerts and manage your HAPO Visa credit card all from one place with the "HAPO Visa" app! This app will be your all-in-one credit card management app where you will be able to set up alerts, manage payments and more! Here is a look at the top features:

  • View Account Details
  • Set Alerts & Controls
  • Lock your card
  • Make a Payment
  • Dispute a Transaction
  • Report Lost/Stolen
  • Digital Issuance

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Manage your card

  • View recent and pending transactions. 
  • Make one-time payments to your HAPO Visa. 
  • Report your card lost or stolen. 
  • Dispute a posted transaction.

Take control of your card

  • Lock your card - turn your card off/on without calling the credit union.
  • Set alerts on your HAPO Visa and get notifications when your card is used.
  • Set controls on your HAPO Visa, block international transactions, set spending limits, and more!
  • Set your own travel notifications - don't have your card denied for out of town purchases, set it and forget it. 


screen shots of Visa App credit card management

Directly add your card to your mobile wallet

Cardholders participating in digital wallets (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay*) can now completely skip manual card entry into their digital wallets, simply with the tap of a button from the HAPO Visa App.

Lost your card? No Problem

Digitally issue a new card number inside your HAPO Visa App; with just a few taps and authentication steps, you can conveniently keep transacting even when your card is in the mail.

steps for adding card to your digital wallet
Phone with an example account screen

How do I get started? 

  1. Download the HAPO Visa app from the Google Play or Apple stores
  2. Create a user name (This app has a separate log in from your HAPO online banking app)
  3. Create a password & set up bio-metrics if you choose

My Phone doesn’t trust this app. I received an error. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. Profiles & Device management and click Trust PSCU

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Note: Occasionally you may receive a 1:00 am text alert due to the following transaction types. 

  • Enrollment - If a member signs up for alerts and has transactions that were made prior to signing up that have not yet posted.
  • Internet Transactions - If the transaction is no longer pending in the system, the member will receive a 1:00 am text when the merchant settles the transaction.
  • Gas Stations - Merchants may not send over a pre-authorization or the completion (after gas has been pumped) but when they run their settlement at night the system will send an alter due to; their was never one sent for this transactions.