Fraud Protection

We offer two great options to protect your Credit and Debit Cards. Both are free and easy to download on your mobile devices.

Protect your Credit Card with the HAPO Visa® all-in-one Card Management and Alerts App

Set alerts and manage your HAPO Visa credit card all from one place with the "HAPO Visa" app! This app will be your all-in-one credit card management app where you will be able to set up alerts, manage payments and more! Here is a look at the top features:

HAPO Visa App

Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  View Account Details
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Set Alerts & Controls
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Lock your card
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Make a Payment
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Dispute a Transaction
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Report Lost/Stolen
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Digital Issuance

Manage and Control your HAPO Visa

Download App Store  Download Google Play Store

Protect your Debit Card with the HAPO Debit app

HAPO suggests that all members with access to a mobile device download the HAPO Debit app.

It is ideal for debit cardholders who want to proactively manage their debit card accounts and receive alerts when their debit card is used.

HAPO Debit App

Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Lock and unlock your debit cards
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Setup alerts and notifications
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Set spending limits, restrict locations, and more with card controls
Visa-journey-email_checkmark-graphic  Set travel notifications

Download the HAPO Debit app to your mobile device from Google Play or the  App Store, then customize usage settings and alert preferences.

Download App Store   Download Google Play Store 

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