HAPO Partnerships

At HAPO, we strive to create a positive impact on our members and the communities we serve through charitable contributions, building lasting partnerships, as well as volunteerism. As we support organizations in our community, we look beyond the financial and seek true partnerships that allow us to support a cause as well as share the benefits we offer through HAPO membership. 

Below are some of our ongoing partnerships.

People watching a show at the planetarium

HAPO Community Theater

As CBC was breaking ground on this state of the art planetarium, HAPO came in and made a large contribution to help further STEM education in this region. The planetarium opened to the public in December of 2012 to further share the wonder of science, technology and the universe with our community. In the first six years of operation, the planetarium hosted more than 120,000 visitors, over 40% of which were a mix of elementary and high school students. The planetarium uses the Spitz SciDome XD projection system and a hemispherical projection surface with nanoseam construction that displays life-like, extra-high-definition images.

A typical hour-long show consists of a live presentation and a full-dome movie. Presentation topics may include solar system or constellation tours, what is visible in the current night sky and astronomy in the news.

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HAPO Wing at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center

The Tri-Cities Cancer Center has become the world-class cancer center our community deserves. They emphasize prevention and early detection of cancer and offer world-class cancer treatment and survivorship for all residents throughout our region.  As a community credit union, we strive to support those in the communities we serve. We are proud to be a key contributor to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, which supports those all around us.

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HAPO Wing at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center
Exterior photo of the HAPO Center

HAPO Center

In the Spring of 2019, Franklin county partnered with us for a 10 year naming rights agreement for the HAPO Center. Our partnership will not only provide more access for our members but also bring more banking access to all that attend the events at the venue.  

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HAPO Hangout

In 2018, HAPO collaborated with the Toyota Center to bring the HAPO Hangout to event goers at the Toyota Center. The HAPO Hangout is open to the public and is a hidden secret in the Coliseum. It’s located on the second floor, right behind the VIP Suites and is opened before all of the events held at the Toyota Center. 

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HAPO Hangout sign at the Toyota Center