Board of Directors & Audit Committee

As permitted by law and the Credit Union's Bylaws, HAPO provides reasonable compensation to the Board of Directors and Audit Committee for their service to the Credit Union. An annual stipend is payable in quarterly installments in recognition of the education and time requirements that are necessary and expected of Board members, who set the general direction and control of the Credit Union and Audit Committee members who provide oversight regarding the safety and soundness of the Credit Union.

As required by law, the members of the Credit Union shall be informed of the compensation provided to Directors and Audit Committee members.

Compensation Plan

The annual stipend ranges between $20,000 and $28,000 for Board Members and is based on leadership positions held. The Annual Stipend for Audit Committee Members not serving on the board is $8,000.

Director & Board Chair$28,000
Director & Vice Chair$22,000
Director & Board Secretary$22,000
Director & Treasurer$22,000
Audit Committee Member$8,000
Director Serving on the Audit Committee$4,000
Audit Committee Chair$2,000

Board Compensation Schedule for 2023

Ken Hohenberg | Chairman$28,000
William Tanner | Vice Chairman and Audit Committee Member
Rich Cummins | Secretary$22,000
Ken Gale | Treasurer$22,000
William Saraceno | Director and Audit Committee Chairman$26,000
Bill Clarke | Director$20,000
Doug Carl | Director$20,000
Steve Dean | Audit Committee Member$8,000
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Audit Committee

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