12/3/2021 -- Holiday Package Scams

Dec 3, 2021, 14:31 PM

Holiday package and shipping notification scams are on the rise and being used by fraudsters to steal personal and financial information. 

These types of scams are phishing scams where a fraudster contacts the victim claiming to be a mail carrier, delivery service, retailer, or ecommerce brand via phone call, email, or SMS message and says that they were unable to deliver a package as expected.

The messages will often contain a link to a false tracking number, which either directs the user to a phishing website or directly downloads malware onto the device being used to access the message. The messages often imitate the branding of large courier companies which can add to their perceived legitimacy. 

Additionally, the messages typically ask the intended victims to verify private information and payment details to “reschedule” the delivery as an attempt to commit identity or financial fraud.

In a different variation, false package delivery notifications contain attachments, which if opened, install malware like ransomware on the individual device or network.

Mitigate your risk with the following fraud prevention tips:

  • Do not open suspicious emails, or click on links or open attachments contained in unsolicited messages. 
  • Be cautious of unknown websites. Be sure the website you're visiting is secure indicated by "https://" and a “lock” symbol.
  • Do not provide personal or account information when asked. Openly sharing information on social media can provide an identity thief with the necessary information to impersonate you or answer certain challenge questions.
  • Be suspicious of “urgent” or “immediate” response needed or “unauthorized login attempt” of your account.
  • Activate two-factor / multi-factor authentication whenever possible.
  • Sign up for account alerts and review your accounts regularly.

If you ever need to discuss a potential threat or scenario with our team, we are here for you! Call us at 509-943-5676 and ask to speak with our Fraud Department. 

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