Real Stories of Financial Transformation

Apr 16, 2021Financial Coaching

We’re all unique, and the journey we’ve taken to get to where we are is even more unique. In this series, we feature real stories of financial transformation told by our financial coaches. We’ll share stories of the diverse needs our members face, and illustrate the capabilities of our financial coaches.

Here is a story about someone eager to get back on their feet, create a budget, build their credit and find a job, told by one of our financial coaches. The names of the individuals have been changed to protect their privacy. 

“Tom had been in a couple times to see me and I noticed his income was pretty tight. During one of our visits, we discussed that he would benefit from creating a budget, however in order to create a budget, he needed steady cash flow coming in. That’s where his first goal came in – to find a job! Tom was eager to start looking so we began searching for jobs. Together we worked through the job applications so that he felt confident applying for the jobs. We also crafted a cover letter together that he could feel proud about sending along with his resumes. 

Through dedication and persistence, Tom landed one of the jobs he applied for and has been working there for two years. We created a budget for him, and now we’re working on building his credit. I’m so proud to say that after hard work and patience, Tom has been approved for a HAPO Visa credit card. 

Financial coaching is not a “one size fits all” service. It’s about addressing challenges and creating unique solutions no matter the circumstance. In Tom’s case, he needed to establish a budget, but in order to do that, he first needed a steady job to provide him with a steady income. While helping him apply for jobs may not fit into what you would expect a financial coach to help with, that part of his journey was an integral part of accomplishing other goals, like creating a budget and building credit. By helping him with that first step, of finding a job, he was able to establish a sound foundation needed to proceed in his financial journey.”

This is just one story, told by one financial coach. Our coaches offer more than “financial coaching”, they’re here to help you with the integral things that play a major role in financial coaching too. If you’re in need of financial coaching, schedule an appointment, virtually or in-person today. We’re here for your financial transformation

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Annie Jacobs

Annie Jacobs

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