4 Ways to Reduce Financial Stress over the Holidays

Dec 02, 2022Building a Budget

Budgets are great, but for some people they can add unnecessary stress to the holidays. We have four great ideas you can actually implement that will not only make the holidays more enjoyable, but can save you some dough along the way!

1. Plan ahead: Begin a list of individuals you plan to give gifts to and make notes about things they like or mention that they want leading up to the holidays. Then keep an eye out for sales or deals on those items so you can buy them ahead of time and still at a good price. There are some great browser extensions that can help you do this without too much effort!

This trick helps alleviate the stress of getting gifts delivered on time (or before they sell out!), guarantees you are buying meaningful gifts and not just spending because you feel obligated and- best of all- gives you more time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

BONUS TIP: Keep the list ongoing so you are always prepared for birthdays or other celebrations.

2. Potluck party: Cooking for guests is hard enough as it is- so much time is spent to plan and prep the perfect meal. This year, let others help and plan a potluck-style meal.

You can deliver e-vites with the theme, type of food, and a sign-up list for dishes.

Often times people want to contribute or share a favorite dish anyway and it takes the burden off one person to do all of the work. It's a win-win!

3. Set expectations: If you are stressed about sticking to a budget and feel you can be open about it, then go ahead and let others know. If you aren't comfortable with that idea, suggest a gift exchange for the adults and agree on a price range. For families with a lot of kids that already receive plenty of toys, maybe extended family can pitch in smaller amounts to be spent on holiday games and activities for the kids instead of more gifts. It may even spark a new tradition and create fun memories for the whole group!

4. Tidy-up: If you are hosting guests this year, you are likely already planning to clean your home. But did you know that decluttering and cleaning can also be beneficial to your mental health? Research shows that cleaning can improve mood, help you focus, provide a sense of accomplishment and control, and helps promote healthy habits in other aspects of your life. Plus, if you are working to reduce clutter in your home you can begin to re-think some of those purchases you may not need and, even if seemingly small, those changes can add up to big savings! Source: https://www.verywellmind.com/how-mental-health-and-cleaning-are-connected-5097496.

Use these tips year-round for other major events happening in your life and see how you can reduce financial stress in your life. 

Alissa Petersen

Alissa Petersen

HAPO Content Creator | HAPO Community Credit Union



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